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B.Sc. in Data science

About B.Sc. in Data science Course, Admission, Eligibility, Career Options After B.Sc. in Data science, Employment Area, Top Recruiting Companies, and Salary

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B.Sc. in Data Science

Have you just passed class 12th and looking for some outstanding undergraduate courses? If yes, then you ended up in the right place after completing class 12th you can enroll in numerous courses however it may also depend upon the stream you chose in class 11th. Like if you have chosen a science stream then you have plenty of options like B.Sc., B.Tech, MBBS, polytechnic, etc. Also, you can move towards the business courses like BBA and but if you wish to stay in your field then B.Sc. is one of the best and popular science courses in which you can enroll after class 12th.

If you are planning to pursue B.Sc. as your undergraduate course then it is a good decision from a career’s perspective. But before enrolling in the course you must know about the available streams in B.Sc. like physics, mathematics, chemistry, and data science, etc. B.Sc. in data science is one of the lasts and the best fields of study if you are planning to work in an IT industry. B.Sc. in data science is common to many popular computer science courses like B.Tech (IT or computer science and engineering), BCA, and MCA. However, data science is a specialization course that falls under computer science and engineering.

BSc. in Data Science Course Overview

BSc. in Data Science is a full-time 3-year undergraduate course that involves concepts of computer science, artificial intelligence, and business analytics. It is a specialization course that is mainly based on bag data analytics, statistics, and machine learning. It is one of the most popular courses in the Asia Pacific and European region. However, to pursue this course many students also travel abroad. Like many other courses, this course is offered by many universities in India as well as in different parts of the world.

The main subjects that you will come across during this course are cloud computing, data visualizations, cloud computing, operating system, and python programming, etc. If you have a strong grip or basic knowledge of any programming language then it would help you a lot in this course. Thus it is also advised to gain knowledge of some programming language while schooling

BSc. in Data Science Admission Process

In any course, you need to know about the admission process in that course because it will help you in saving your time. However, the admission process widely varies with the institution in which you are seeking admission. Like you can get admission in B.Sc. data science after completing class 12th and all you have to do is apply in the college and wait for college’s response once your admission is approved you can move to further process. However, some colleges conduct their entrance examinations to provide admission to the students. Thus you need to clear that entrance examination to seek admission to the respective college. Some colleges also conduct an interview round once you clear the examination and once you clear both interview and examination you can easily get admission to that college.

How to prepare for BSc. Data Science Entrance Examination?

Below points can help you to prepare for the B.Sc. Data Science entrance examination.
● The first step involves downloading the syllabus for entrance from the website of the institution to which you are trying to seek admission. However, the syllabus includes some basic subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and English.
● You can also find sample papers of the respective universities on the web and can start practicing them.
● While preparing for the examination make notes so that it will help you at the time of revision.

BSc. in Data Science Fees

A high fee is one of the main reasons why many students leave skip their dream course. Many courses charge a fee of INR 10-15 lakhs and thus many students don’t go for these courses. But B.Sc. in data science requires a yearly fee of INR 70000-1 Lakh and that’s quite affordable. However, you can even more lowly down fees by getting scholarships based on merit. The fee still depends upon the college to which you are seeking admission and thus it can vary with college.

BSc. in Data Science Career Options

While choosing an undergraduate course there are plenty of things that students look for and the most important one out of it is the career options. After completing B.Sc. in data science students ends up with numerous career options like they can get a good job or can go for a master’s degree program i.e. M.Sc. However, instead of going for a job, many people go for a master's degree program because it provides them a better job with a comparatively higher salary. After completing M.Sc. in data science you can easily get a job as a data scientist in any IT firm.

BSc. in Data Science Job Prospect

The main goal of almost every student for seeking admission in any professional degree course is to get a good job. And thus if you complete your graduation with B.Sc in data science then you are likely to get plenty of good jobs mostly in the IT industry. Also, the IT industry is one of the most profitable industries and thus offers a handsome salary. An average salary that you can get after completing B.Sc in data science ranges between 3.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum.

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