No comfort can match with your home's comfort, but there is a time when one needs to move from its home to another place. This scenario is commonly seen with foreign students who travel to other countries for education. Good accommodation facilities are very important for any international student as a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. When it comes to accommodation facilities, Ukraine is among the top nations that provide world-class accommodation facilities to international students. This accommodation facility becomes even more fruitful for the students as they get it for a significantly lower price than other countries. Described below are some of the accommodation facilities you can enjoy in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Currency

Money is very important to buy goods in any part of the world. The currency of Ukraine is Hryvnia, whose exchange rates are approximately 1USD= 5.2 Hryvnia. On arriving in Ukraine, you can exchange your currency at airports or kiosks. The exchange rates are almost the same everywhere, so you can exchange your currency anywhere. You have to money in Hryvnia in Ukraine to buy any goods, but there are also many stores and E-commerce companies that accept payments in dollars. In most places like hotels, theatres, restaurants, and shopping malls, you can pay using your international debit or credit card.

Transportation in Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the most convenient and hassle-free transportation systems in the world that includes roadways, waterways, and airways. The international airport of Ukraine is in Borsipol, which is only 36 KM from Kyiv. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach your university. However, if you reside in any neighbouring countries of Ukraine, then you can also opt for railways which are a cheaper mode of transportation. The other modes of transportation in Ukraine are also cheaper, i.e., and the base taxi fare is 1USD and 0.20 USD per 1KM.

Electricity and food

Almost all areas in Ukraine get an uninterrupted 24 hours power supply, i.e., 220 volts. In some regions, the voltage output is low, i.e., 127 volts but sufficient to meet daily needs. Also, Ukraine has many restaurants that offer a variety of foods from different regions like continental, Chinese, Mexican, etc. The best part is that the cost of food items is affordable in Ukraine.


The communication system in Ukraine is similar to other nations, 


There are many things that students look upon while traveling to another country for education, like their culture, heritage, and lifestyle. Each country has its own culture and lifestyle, and Ukraine is one such country with diverse culture and a free lifestyle. Ukrainian culture is full of fun and enjoyment; you can experience cinemas, exhibitions, museums, and theatres at an affordable price. And the best part is you can claim even more discounts using your student ID. You can experience soothing traditional Ukrainian music, i.e., "Natalka Poltavka" and "Zaporozhets za Dunayem" in Ukrainian operas. A visit to the local theater of Ukraine can help you experience melodious songs and folk dances of Ukraine.


Festivals are the best occasion the fills people with a feeling of togetherness, love, and affection. In almost every region of the world, festivals are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Similarly, here in Ukraine, you can experience various festivals in a year out which; some of the most popular festivals of Ukraine are summer festivals, international jazz, open-air, etc.


Ukraine has been one of the popular destinations of education for numerous international students. But in fact, Ukraine is not only famous for its education system and universities but also a famous holiday destination. You can visit Ukraine with your whole family for holidays and can enjoy some bets landscapes and scenic views of the world. People generally visit here at the time of Christmas and Maslayna (the week before great lent) to enjoy opera and fairs. At this, you can also have a taste of traditional Ukrainian Cuisine at fairs.


Ukrainian universities and institutes invite students from different regions of the world, and hence they respect their culture and tradition. Also, you can get the opportunity to showcase the heritage and culture of your own country in college fests and fairs.

International Students in Ukraine

Migrating to other countries in search of better and cost-effective education is common nowadays—students from different regions of the world travel to other countries for their higher education. Many countries are providing admission to numerous international students every year. Students mainly prefer a country for education that provides the best quality education at an affordable price. The universities of European and North American regions have the highest number of international students, and Ukraine is one such nation. Science late 90s Ukraine has been one of the most popular choices of many students for their overseas education.

How many international students does Ukraine have?

Ukraine is among the preferred locations of many international students, and thus Ukraine has one of the highest numbers of international students in the world. According to the latest data published by the Ukrainian government, around 76548 international students are studying in Ukraine. Students from 155 nations travel every year here in Ukraine for higher studies. The students mainly arrive here to pursue a Bachelor's or a master's degree in fields like engineering, finance, commerce, arts, etc. These kinds of students account for almost 90% of the total international students, i.e., 68908 students. And the rest students pursue courses like Postgraduate education, academic mobility, preparatory courses, and doctoral studies.


The growth in the number of international students has been significantly increased from 2011-2020, i.e., 53664 students in 2011 to 76548 in 2020. Ukraine invites international students from different countries of the world, but the highest number of international students in Ukraine is from India, followed by Morocco, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, and china. Around 18095 Indian students are studying in Ukraine. However, students from post-soviet countries are around 15718, and these numbers have been significantly decreased by 2017. Almost all Ukrainian universities are quite popular, but V.N Karzin Kharkiv National University and Kharkiv National Medical University have the highest number of international students, i.e., 4277 and 4255 respectively.

Cost of living in Ukraine

Ukraine is a developing nation of the European continent and exhibits world-class educational facilities and due to which many students every year migrate to Ukraine for higher studies. One of the main reasons behind many international students traveling every year to Ukraine is its low cost of living and cost-effective education. Good facilities don't need to always cost more and Ukraine is the best example of this. In Ukraine, the cost of living per person is less than 5000 USD which is way lesser than many developed countries. If you are paying lower rates, it doesn't mean that you will not get the essential amenities. The rental home and hostels in Ukraine deliver world-class living facilities to international students.

It is a fact that the cost of living in Ukraine is low, but the cost of living may vary with the city in which you are staying. Still, Ukraine offers the lowest cost of living to its international students in the whole European continent. As the number of international students in Ukraine increased every year thus, they have even more reduced the tuition fees and also provide financial aid to the students from an economically poor backgrounds.


Ukraine also allows students to do part-time jobs to meet their cost of living and other financial needs. 1 Ukrainian hryvnia equals 0.037 USD; thus, a student's monthly expenses don't go beyond 400USD. At this price, you can enjoy world-class living facilities only in Ukraine. Certain things like food, electricity and gas, rent, TV cable, water, books, and public transport count in the monthly expense of an international student; out of these expenses of food, electricity, and water, more than 75% of the total monthly expenses. Public transport is a cheaper mode of transportation in Ukraine, and thus it doesn't cost more than 10 USD per month.

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