No entrance exam or donation

In many countries, to seek admission to a reputed institution, you may either need to appear and qualify in an entrance examination

IELTS and TOEFL not required

Many English-speaking nations ask to appear in English language examinations like IELTS and TOEFL to seek admission in their universities.

Low cost of living

here are many other important factors other than the cost of education on which students look upon while seeking admission in the overseas institution.

Good clinical exposure

Medical courses and advance clinical research facility is a specialty of Ukrainian universities,

Required documents

Documentation is the most time-consuming yet essential process for admission to any university.

Secure environment

When opting for overseas education, personal security is the topmost concern of many students, and it is quite obvious.

Geographical location

Ukraine lies in the European continent and has a stunning geographical location as it shares its

Low cost

Quality education becomes even more fruitful if you get it at a low cost. Not everyone's

Job prospect

A good job is the main aim, and also the ambition of every student, and Ukrainian university

Quality Education

Quality education is the dream of every student and is also very important for his/her future.

Cost-effective education

Educational cost counts a lot in our day-to-day expenses, and many students can't afford premium education

Education system

Ukraine exhibits one of the best education systems in the world in which students are exposed to practical knowledge.

MBBS in Ukraine

When we talk about the professional field of study, one may find numerous fields with millions of subjects and expertise and study and attain a professional degree in the same.

Ukrainian Currency

Money is very important to buy goods in any part of the world. The currency of Ukraine is Hryvnia,

Transportation in Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the most convenient and hassle-free transportation systems in the world that includes roadways, waterways, and airways.

Electricity and food

Almost all areas in Ukraine get an uninterrupted 24 hours power supply, i.e., 220 volts. In some regions, the voltage output is low,


The communication system in Ukraine is similar to other nations, and you can make a call from a local PCO or your cellular device. However, if you use a cellular device, then ensure to have a sim card of an appropriate network operator.


There are many things that students look upon while traveling to another country for education, like their culture, heritage, and lifestyle.


Festivals are the best occasion the fills people with a feeling of togetherness, love, and affection.


Ukraine has been one of the popular destinations of education for numerous international students.


Ukrainian universities and institutes invite students from different regions of the world,

International Students in Ukraine

Migrating to other countries in search of better and cost-effective education is common nowadays

How many international students does Ukraine have?

Ukraine is among the preferred locations of many international students,

Cost of living in Ukraine

Ukraine is a developing nation of the European continent and exhibits world-class educational facilities

Ukraine's higher education system

All foreign students must have an offer letter from the desired university to take admission to the respective university.

History of Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the historical countries of the world that came into existence in the 1st century BC. During this time, the first state union was formed.

Grading scale in Ukraine

Different methods of grading are adopted by different institutes for evaluation and providing scores in the examination.

National differentiated grade

In this type of grading system, there are four grades, i.e., excellent, good, satisfactory,

National undifferentiated grade

It is a conventional grading system in which if a student acquires more than 59 marks out of 100, then he/she is qualified and, if not, then failed.


European credit transfer system is the most widely used grading system in Ukraine in which certain grades

Curriculum and degrees offered in Ukraine

If you look back around 20 years ago, you'll find that the numbers of courses available were only a few and that was also offered by a less number of universities.

Better career prospects

If you have a professional degree in MBBS from Ukraine that it is very easy to get a decent job just after completing graduation.

Higher salary

The main and ambition of every student are to get a decent salary after completing a long-term course of MBBS.

Blend of theory and practice

Medical universities of Ukraine are famous globally for their outstanding education system. In these universities,

Greater impact

The demand for skilled doctors is increasing every day in the world and also in Ukraine; thus,

Government funding

In Ukraine, the government subsidizes the tuition fee up to 40% and thus resulting in very few fees for the Ukrainian universities.

Merit-based scholarships

Ukrainian medical center offers merit-based scholarships to some of its students but due to tough completion getting this scholarship is a tough job.

Reference-based scholarships

You can get a cut-off of about 20% in your tuition fees if you refer 2-5 students to the university.

Other scholarships

You can even claim international scholarships by appearing and qualifying in international scholarship exams conducted

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