The cost of education has observed a great hike in the last few decades, and thus the government has launched many scholarships to help students with financially weaker backgrounds. Scholarships play a role in helping hand in meeting the financial expenses of many students. There are different types of scholarships that you can claim while pursuing your higher education, but they may vary with the intuition and nation. But in common, you'll find scholarships based on merit in almost every institute, and if you are good at studies, then you can easily get it. Many top universities, including Ukrainian universities, provide scholarships to international students.

If you are an international student studying in Ukraine, then you enjoy the benefit of certain scholarships. But as the cost of the study is quite low in Ukraine thus the government of this country offers no scholarships to international students. But still, you can get funding from different sources described below.

Government funding

In Ukraine, the government subsidizes the tuition fee up to 40% and thus resulting in very few fees for the Ukrainian universities. However, these subsidies are applicable for national as well as international students.

Merit-based scholarships

Ukrainian medical center offers merit-based scholarships to some of its students but due to tough completion getting this scholarship is a tough job. But still, if you manage to get it, then your overall tuition fees will be reduced by 20%, or you will get 1000 USD.

Reference-based scholarships

You can get a cut-off of about 20% in your tuition fees if you refer 2-5 students to the university. However, this kind of scholarship is only provided to few students only.

Other scholarships

You can even claim international scholarships by appearing and qualifying in international scholarship exams conducted by some international agencies to promote education. Some of these scholarships are SAS-Financial need grant, Studyportal study abroad scholarships, diversity abroad overseas ambassador scholarships.  

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