Ukraine has been one of the most popular destinations for foreign students to study abroad. There are many factors behind the growing popularity of Ukrainian universities, and one of the most important ones is the education system of Ukraine. International students enjoy the exclusive benefits of studying in Ukrainian universities, colleges, and institutes. These institutes are not only recognized worldwide but also have a license to provide admission to overseas students. And this license is possessed by almost all Ukrainian universities. The whole education system of Ukraine is managed and controlled by The Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Ukraine. In the early year of the courses, foreign students are provided with some basic knowledge of the Ukrainian and Russian languages along with a brief knowledge of their respective subjects. However, the method described above is not the only method, and the students can skip Ukrainian and Russian languages and can pursue their whole course in the English language. And this is also one of the biggest reasons behind students opting for Ukrainian universities.

Ukraine's higher education system

All foreign students must have an offer letter from the desired university to take admission to the respective university. The academic year of Ukrainian institutes begins from September 1st that lasts up to February. There are two semesters in each academic year, and the second semester begins in February and lasts till June. There is an average of 3 months' vacation for students between June-September. During each semester, a student needs to appear in around 3-5 examinations. And the students are only promoted to the next semester if they secure the required numbers in the examination.

The classes are conducted regularly, and only weekends are off. During classes, students can explore their knowledge in classrooms, libraries, and labs. All the study material is provided to students by college, and they can even access the library if they require other books. During a course, students are also exposed to certain training that provides them skillful knowledge and hands-on experience. On successful graduation or diploma, whichever it may be, a student is awarded the respective degree. Along with that, a subject-wise transcript of marks is also provided to the students as some universities or companies may ask for it in the future.

Students also get a chance to get recruited by some of the topmost companies from the college itself. Students may appear in placement programs and can easily get a job or can pursue higher education. Almost all universities of Ukraine have a great track record of campus placements, and every year, and many students get their dream job after completing their course at a Ukrainian university.


There are almost 440 Ukrainian universities that offer admission in a wide range of courses to foreign students. And out of this, around 220 institutions are under state control, and around 93 are non-state institutions. These universities offer graduation, diploma, and post-graduation courses in a variety of fields, but some of the most commonly chosen fields are Engineering, Medical Science, Arts, and Finance.

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