Getting a professional degree from a Ukrainian university is a dream of many international students, and you'll also need a student visa for the same. Described below are some steps through which you need to go to obtain a student visa in Ukraine.

  • Step 1

The first and the foremost step are to fill the visa application form. In this, you may need to fill in certain personal details that are described below.

  • Name
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Details of the passport issuing authority>
  • Country of Birbe made
  • Address
  • Passport details
  • Purpose of travel

The application for the visa can be sent online as well as offline. There is no major difference in both processes, but still, many candidates believe that the offline method is more suitable.

  • Step 2
The visa offered by the ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine is of 3 types. Transit visa or type B, Short term or type C visa, or the type D commonly known as the long term visa. These visas are issued according to the need of the student. If a student is opting for any long-term course like MBBS, then he/she should apply for a long-term Visa as these courses can even take more than six years to complete. And if the student wishes to also pursue a master's degree, then it can take 2-3 years more.
  • Step 3
You can easily submit your visa application form to Ukraine's embassy in some of the selected cities of your country. Along with the visa application form, you may also need to submit some other essential documents to the embassy. Along with the form, you may also need to pay a certain non-refundable amount that varies with the mode you chose. If the student has consulted with a counselor, then these fees will be included in the same.
  • Step 4
The Visa application procedure can take around 30 days to revert. Once you filled the form, the embassy verifies all information and documents and reaches you within 30 days of applying. You can get an update on your application via mail. If the documents are up to the mark, then this process will take less time.
  • Step 5

As soon as the visa gets approved by the embassy, you can book a ticket to travel to Ukraine. It is always advisable to let your university know before you reach there. Also, you can share certain details with the university at the time leaving from your country.

  • Visa details
  • Flight arrival and departure time
  • Flight number
  • Passport number
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