Every year millions of students migrate from their own country for their education, and these numbers are increasing every single day. When it comes to overseas education, some of the prominent locations preferred by the students are the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ukraine, etc. Out of these locations, Ukraine has been mostly opt by students for their education in recent years. Unlike other described countries, the educational cost in Ukraine is significantly low and thus has become the first choice of many students. Ukraine is a developing nation and offers high-quality education to students using practical methods. Ukraine is full of numerous internationally recognized and reputed universities and colleges. Getting a degree from a Ukrainian institute can help you a lot in accomplishing your goals and in getting your dream job. Like many other universities, Ukrainian universities also offer a wide range of courses in different fields. Here you can go for an undergraduate, graduation, diploma, post-graduation, and specialization, master's degree, and certification courses.

There are significant advantages of studying in a Ukrainian university, and some of these advantages are mentioned below.

No entrance exam or donation

In many countries, to seek admission to a reputed institution, you may either need to appear and qualify in an entrance examination or provide a donation to that institute. But this scenario does not apply in Ukrainian universities, and getting admission here is like a cheese walk. In Ukraine, if you want to take admission in any medical course, you don't need to appear or qualify for any medical entrance examination; you can simply get admission based on your class 12th qualification. Also, like many other countries, you don't need to pay a donation to any Ukrainian institute to seek admission in any of its courses. Any entrance examination or donation has nothing to do with the reputation of any institute. Thus here in Ukraine, you can get the best quality education from top universities without appearing in any kind of entrance examination.

IELTS and TOEFL not required

Many English-speaking nations ask to appear in English language examinations like IELTS and TOEFL to seek admission in their universities. These examinations are tough and have higher examination fees. But in Ukraine, you don't need to appear in any such examination and can directly seek admission to your dream university. Language can't be a barrier in education, and Ukrainian universities prove it very well. A large population of Ukraine speaks Ukrainian, and some people also speak Russian. But still, you don't need to have any knowledge of these two languages to seek admission to Ukrainian universities.

Low cost of living

There are many other important factors other than the cost of education on which students look upon while seeking admission in the overseas institution. And one of the most important in that is the cost of living. Many nations provide high-quality education at a low price, but the cost of living in such countries can be significantly high. But in Ukraine, the cost of living is significantly lesser when compared to other nations. The rental homes and hostels charge significantly lesser and provide the best facility to the students. Also, you can meet your living expenses by working part-time here in Ukraine.

Good clinical exposure

Medical courses and advance clinical research facility is a specialty of Ukrainian universities, and it is one of the most important reasons for students pursuing their medical degree from Ukraine. If you pursue your bachelor's or master's degree in medical science from Ukraine, then there are prominent chances for you to get good clinical exposure. Ukraine exhibits some of the best medical facilities and advanced research technologies in the world, and thus getting hands-on experience from here can help you a lot in the future. Like many other courses, medical science courses also require hands-on experience, and thus you can get a decent clinical experience here in Ukraine. During your course, you'll get a chance to explore and work in some of the best and advanced hospitals in Ukraine, which will benefit you to polish your existing skills and gain some new ones.

Secure environment

When opting for overseas education, personal security is the topmost concern of many students, and it is quite obvious. In recent years many nations have faced several terrorist attacks, and thus, students always opt for a country with a secure environment. Ukraine is one of the peaceful nations in the world and has significantly minimum traces of any terrorist attacks. Thus this place becomes the first choice for many international students. Apart from these Ukrainian government has enacted several strict laws that protect international students and provides them equal rights. A large number of students migrating every year to Ukraine also confirms that it is a safer place for international students.

Low cost

Quality education becomes even more fruitful if you get it at a low cost. Not everyone's pocket can bear financial expenses on education, and thus students always look for an institute that provides quality education at a lower price. And Ukraine is one such nation that provides cost-effective education to numerous students from different regions of the world. The fees of courses vary with the course you opt for, and some of these courses are very costly. Medical courses are one such course that requires a huge sum of money. But the medical courses in Ukraine are significantly cheaper than the other nations, and thus many medical students opt for Ukrainian universities. Also at a lower cost, these institution provides world-class facilities are sound education to students.


However, courses offered by Ukrainian universities are not limited up to medical but provides courses in science, engineering, arts, mathematics, etc. Ukraine consists of some of the top universities in the world, and some of them are around 200 years old. The medical institutions of Ukraine are its center of attraction as many of these institutes are recognized by WHO and the Medical Council of India. Many students from the Asia-pacific region every year migrate to Ukraine in search of cost-effective medical education.

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