Student living cost counts a lot if you are an international student as you are already paying a lot on your education including additional expenses of traveling. Thus as an international student, it is always best to take admission in a country that is cost-effective and offers a good standard of living at an affordable cost. Thus it is also one of the biggest reasons for many international students choosing Ukraine as their dream destination for their higher education. Unlike the US, Australia, UK, and Canada, you have to subsequently lesser amount on living. However, you can experience the same living standards and facilities as the rest of the countries.

In many countries, international students work part-time in nearby cafes or libraries to earn some money to meet their living expenses. And thus, in this turmoil, they don't get time to focus on their studies, thus bearing a great educational loss. However, this is not the case in Ukraine as the lost living is very low and thus you don't need to work part-time to meet your expenses and thus you can concentrate on your studies. But still, if you want to work part-time, then you are also allowed to do so.

The overall monthly expense in living in Ukraine doesn't even go beyond $400 per month. And almost all types of expenses are included in this amount like food, room rent, travel, electricity and gas bill, miscellaneous, etc. The room rent in Ukraine is very low, i.e., if you a room with one bedroom in an apartment in the city center even though it will not cost more than $300 per month. And if you want to go with a more economical option, then a hostel is a good option. There you can share a room with other students, and it will not cost more than $150 per month.

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