History of Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the historical countries of the world that came into existence in the 1st century BC. During this time, the first state union was formed. Then, later on in the 3rd century, many societies in this territory came into existence; during this time, people were mainly based on farming. As civilization begins, many new societies and territories developed, and by the end of the 9th century, a larger state, "Rus state," came into existence. This state was ruled by the Rurikovitch dynasty. In the two upcoming centuries, 10-11th, this state observed a significant development in the field of art, culture, and written languages.

The Rus state split into several small regions by the end of the 12th century, which led to the development of education and infrastructure. However, the development of other countries also contributed significantly to the further development of Ukrainian states. The development of schools and colleges began with European involvement and led to the development of Lviv University in 1661. The professor from this region was considered most educated and respected also they were invited several times to serve in the Russian empire that time.

The 19th century was a golden period in the history of Ukraine as in this time many new universities were established like the university of Kharkiv in 1805 and Kyviv University in 1834. During this time, industrialization and agriculture were a boon and also led to the development of many scientific institutes that focused on agricultural research. The language of education in these universities at that time was Russian. At this time Ukrainian language was in existence but not employed in education, but in the 20th century, the Ukrainian language also emerged in their education system. And after the emergence of the Ukrainian language, education became even more accessible.

During the existence of the Soviet, Union Ukraine was one of the most developed nations in the world with great scientific facilities and research centers. Ukraine was one of the most economically stable nations of that time, and investors from different parts of the world were investing their money in Ukraine. Ukrainian universities were in great demand at that time because the professors working there were highly skilled and researchers. Ukrainian scientists were developing new technologies in the sector of IT, air space, and welding.

This outstanding education system and its success attracted many foreign students to take part in professional degree courses offered by Ukrainian institutes. And by the 1940s, many students started migrating to Ukraine in search of better education. Ukrainian scholars were easily getting decent jobs in different regions of the world like America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Thus many students started pursuing courses in engineering, medical science, arts, finance, etc., from Ukraine.

By the late 90s, Ukraine became an independent developed nation with world-class facilities and an education hub for many foreign students. During this time education system of Ukraine observed significant changes in their education system like new languages and courses were added. By 1997 Ukrainian universities also signed many convections concerning higher education. And in the next few years, Ukrainian education became one of the best in the world.  

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